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JoDee Coulter (Strongsville, Ohio) - Qualified at 54

JoDee Coulter (Strongsville, Ohio) - Qualified at 54

June 03, 20242 min read

JoDee has a unique attachment to Australia. She was inspired as a child to travel here and fulfilled that dream in 2020, just before the pandemic disruption. JoDee is a grief specialist and has been working as a bereavement coordinator at a hospice for nearly 25 years. She has a real connection to care givers and a passion for helping them take care of themselves. 

Inspiration for a fitness career change  

JoDee has a powerful ‘why’ behind her own pursuit of fitness. Her husband has a degenerative disease and depends on her, and one day she wants to be able to play with grandchildren. JoDee went through years of back pain with diagnosed spinal conditions and weight gain but turned her life around on her own, losing weight and getting fit in her own home. She wants other people to know they can do this too. JoDee was encouraged by her son and a friend to pursue a fitness qualification. 

Studying Cert III & IV

In the USA, the fitness qualification consists of a theoretical course, which JoDee completed online, then practical experience under the guidance of a mentor. With a solid academic background, JoDee didn’t find the theoretical part of the course difficult, completing it and passing the exam within a few months.

JoDee admits to feeling a little imposter syndrome when working with younger clients, questioning what she can offer as an older trainer. However, experience has shown that she has much knowledge and life experience that make her a unique and valuable trainer. 

Fitness industry experience & the future 

Despite the demands of maintaining her full time career and caring responsibilities, JoDee is working in the fitness industry on the side, teaching two group fitness classes per week and doing a few 1:1 PT sessions. Her ultimate goal is to retire from her current career and focus on her aptly named business - Fill Your Cup - doing health and wellness coaching with a holistic approach, not just fitness. 

Advice for over 50s considering a change to the fitness industry 

As older people we are more likely to have experienced injuries, setbacks and challenges. We bring these attributes to the table along with our fitness qualifications to help people with their struggles. Helping people with their fitness does as much for us (fill your cup) as it does for our clients. It’s fitting to conclude JoDee’s story with this pearl of wisdom she offered during our chat - If you know your ‘why’ the ‘how’ will come - so know your deep motivation for doing what you do. 

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