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Lisa Peterson (Sydney, NSW) - Qualified at 55

Lisa Peterson (Sydney, NSW) - Qualified at 55

April 11, 20242 min read

Lisa says she was always into sport rather than gym-based fitness, playing many sports competitively and being very active as a PE teacher too. She reluctantly joined a gym as part of a plan to manage work stress later in her career and found it to be a wonderful place where she would end up working. 

Life before the fitness industry 

Lisa was a PE teacher with the Department of Education NSW for 35 years. Totally burnt out, Lisa was able to retire from this career at 55. Not quite ready for ‘a rocking chair and knitting needles’ at that time, Lisa was looking for something that aligned with her passions but did not involve classroom teaching. Interestingly, Lisa says that her experience in the fitness industry made her a better teacher when she returned to do some casual teaching after a few years away from it. 

Unique experiences 

At one point in her teaching career the school Lisa was teaching at had TAFE students on site doing Cert III in Fitness and for a couple of semesters she taught these cohorts their anatomy and physiology components! Her prior knowledge in this area made some aspects of doing the Cert III herself relatively easy. 

The version of Cert III that Lisa did was a course especially for PE teachers that took into consideration their prior knowledge. She completed online modules to demonstrate mastery of that prior knowledge and intensive face to face sessions for practical learning. Lisa recounts feeling a little out of place as an older member of the cohort on that course. 

Fitness industry experience & the future 

Lisa was able to start working at the gym where she had been a  member, which made for a great transition into the fitness industry mainly doing group fitness. Lisa is now also retired from the fitness industry but keeps her hand in doing some sessions on a voluntary and casual basis because it’s just so much fun. She also wants to mentor new trainers coming into the industry. Lisa is still very much into sport and fitness so she can keep doing the things she loves in retirement. 

Advice for over 50s considering a change to the fitness industry 

Age is not relevant. Lisa believes that if you are passionate about fitness and learning you should go for it! It’s such a fun industry and the difference it makes in people’s lives is phenomenal.

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