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Hazel Francis (Wynnum, Queensland) - Qualified at 50

Hazel Francis (Wynnum, Queensland) - Qualified at 50

May 06, 20242 min read

Hazel has been into fitness since her early 20s when she got into resistance training and bodybuilding, even winning competitions along the way. Early in the journey Hazel had issues with anorexia and attributes a large part in overcoming issues with eating to her exercise and training. A working life in administration roles came to an end at the age of 50 when Hazel was a personal assistant to managing director and made redundant. 

Inspiration to study Cert III & IV

Rather than stay in her comfort zone after the redundancy, Hazel took the opportunity to follow her dream and move into the fitness industry. People had told her throughout her life that she had the energy and personality to be a trainer. 

Hazel essentially studied for her fitness certifications full time because she wanted to get qualified as quickly as possible. She took six months to complete all the requirements, finishing in December 2012 at the age of 50. Her own personal trainer was a mentor for both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. Hazel has also done a nutrition qualification - go Hazel! - so she can be even more helpful to the people she serves. 

Fitness industry experience & the future 

Her first job in the fitness industry was as a PT at a gym (Fitness in Manly) in Manly, the suburb next to Wynnum in Queensland, where she worked for 9 years. She then transitioned to running her own business (ToneLab) doing group fitness for women of all ages and fitness levels. She also does two classes each week for a not for profit organisation called 60 & Better, which seems to be based only in Queensland. Hazel is so passionate about what she does that she can’t see herself retiring. She actually said - I will do this until I die!

Advice for over 50s considering a change to the fitness industry 

Having been made redundant, Hazel had no hesitation for making a change to the fitness industry but she understands the fear and procrastination behind making a big change in your life in middle age. After meeting Hazel and talking to her, I decided she should be called ‘no hesitation Hazel’! Her other pearls of wisdom include putting yourself out there on local Facebook community groups to reach your new clients, and know who you want to help. 

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