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Fiona Rubens (Burnie, Tasmania) - Qualified at 52

Fiona Rubens (Burnie, Tasmania) - Qualified at 52

April 16, 20242 min read

In her short time in the fitness industry, Fiona has made a big impact working with people of all ages in the services she provides. But the age group she is most drawn to helping is older adults. This really shines through when she talks about her experience in the fitness industry, and it was part of her motivation for making the change. 

Inspiration for a fitness career change  

Fiona got into fitness as part of her own journey for weight loss and better health, getting results and enjoyment from a number of group fitness modalities as a participant. One day Fiona was observing how the trainer interacted with older participants in a group fitness session and thought she could ‘do it better’. This was not doubting the skill of the younger trainer, Fiona was merely recognising what additional attributes she could bring to the table with her lived experience as a mature exerciser.  

Studying Cert III & IV

Like many people, Fiona had her share of self doubt about coming to study a fitness qualification ‘too late’ and procrastinated for nearly a year before diving in. Fiona studied Cert III online and took 12 months to complete it. While very tech savvy, studying online was quite different for Fiona whose previous experience with learning was with books, pens and paper. Reading and viewing content on a screen took a bit of getting used to. She completed Cert III in 2021 and Cert IV early in 2024.

Fitness industry experience & the future 

From her previous working life in retail, Fiona developed great customer service and communication skills that have translated to her experience in the fitness industry. After starting out working at the gym where she was a member, Fiona established her own business (Fee_Fi_Fitness) doing outdoor group fitness during the time of pandemic restrictions. This was great in summer, but not so great when Tasmanian winter came along. 

She’s also done introductory strength training classes for older adults within an aquatic centre, where she was also able to expand the offerings at the centre and bring her outdoor clients in from the cold. Fiona now combines work in the banking and fitness industries and is focussed on achieving a great work/life balance. 

Advice for over 50s considering a change to the fitness industry 

When asked this question, Fiona just said - Do it!!!! It will certainly be hard work, but she feels so accomplished for doing it. Her top tip is to find a mentor to work with as you study and be kind to yourself in the process. It’s one of the best things she has ever done! 

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