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Cheryl Clinton (Qualified at 54)

Cheryl Clinton (Qualified at 54)

April 02, 20242 min read

Check out the story of Cheryl Clinton who is early on the path to a career in fitness. A teacher with a life-long passion for exercise and keeping fit, Cheryl felt drawn to finding a way she could help perimenopausal women. She decided to explore doing this through fitness. 

Life before the fitness industry 

Cheryl joined a gym as soon as she could after starting university. She wanted to join while she was still at school, but her parents didn’t get on board with that idea. At the gym Cheryl has always loved group fitness. Her working life has been, and still is, as a primary teacher and she sees strong parallels between teaching and being a fitness professional. 

Inspiration for a fitness career change  

The impetus to consider a change to the fitness industry came about when Cheryl started to experience the changes associated with perimenopause, and she thought it would have been great to have a trainer to talk to about what she was experiencing and how it affected her ability to exercise. Encouraged by a friend at the gym, Cheryl decided to give it a go.

Studying Cert III & IV

Cheryl jumped into studying Cert III in Fitness, which she completed over about 5 months, making use of school holiday periods to get it done in chunks while still working as a teacher. There were some doubts and fears - have I got time? - imposter syndrome - can I really do this? - but she just did it anyway! Her awesome gym community was there for her to role play clients for assessments. Cheryl started the Cert IV in Feb 2024. 

Fitness industry experience & the future 

Being early on the journey into the fitness industry, Cheryl is still exploring all her options for what she’d like to do. One thing she knows for sure though is who she wants to help  - perimenopausal women. Cheryl is networking and talking to lots of different people while she forms her ideas of how she wants to help her people. Interestingly, as a lover of group fitness for her own exercise, Cheryl is not sure that she is best suited to being a group fitness professional. 

Advice for over 50s considering a change to the fitness industry 

Cheryl loves this sentiment she found on social media - Be brave enough to suck at trying something new! Even if we fail we learn something in the process. Have a go!

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